Episode 1: Ruth Hallows

Mixed Identity’s first guest is my sister, Ruth Hallows – K’sm Lxskulgan, Women of the Cedar Mat. Ruth is a white-passing Tsimshian woman, with 4 amazing children and who is working hard on completing her degree. She has a passion for nutrition and how food can make us better and happier people. Join us as we discuss how we have juggled our own perceptions of self and the identities given to us by society.


Daniel Tiger

If you do not have a toddler, or recently had one, you probably do not know Daniel Tiger – or at least his reincarnation on PBS Kids, Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood. But they name might be familiar to those who grew up with Mr. Rogers. Daniel Tiger is based on the puppet in Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood. He like Mr. Roger’s helps kids learn to process their emotions. To be truthful, Daniel has helped me to learn to process my emotions better. Ruth and I talk about song “Having Mixed Feelings”.

Peloton Bike

Peloton Bike
Peloton Bike – My Health Plan

Some people call it a cult. I call it, the amazing product/service that gets me to exercise on a regular basis. Some days I can dedicate two hours to myself; 45 minute bike ride (with great music), 10 minute cool down ride, 5 minute stretch and 5 minutes of meditation, followed by a shower. Other days I can only squeeze in a 15 minute ride and quick shower. But I can make time almost every day of the week! It also has a community and digital aspect that helps to keep you engaged; getting/giving high-fives from other riders in the on demand classes, getting shout-outs from instructors during live rides, monthly challenges, achievements for days or weeks in a row. All of these things make me want to get on that bike. I am at a 10 week stretch! I am almost to 75 rides!

It is an investment but at my age my health and my children are my top two investments. Plus, I figured my partner and I were paying for gym memberships. After 1 year of no gym memberships is equivalent to the price of the bike. The monthly membership fee is half the cost of one gym membership. We now exercise 4-7 times a week, with the gym memberships we were lucky to get there once a week.

PS I do not make a commission on this post. I truly dig this bike. BUT if you want to buy one mention my name and rider name #skookumjam and I will get some $$ for the overpriced peloton gear!