Episode 9: Casey Wong

This is the last episode of 2019! I talk with Casey Wong, an Asian – Irish – German – American., who identifies as Asian American. Casey share the stories that made him, about his family, himself and the world. He discusses his name, mama (嫲嫲) paternal grandmother on his father’s side and more. He is thoughtful, eloquent and a joy to speak with.

Learn More:

Video of my Grandmother, Dorthy Hayward Mckinnie

This is short and not complete. I do not know where the full video has gone but you can hear her speak Sm’algyax. A great instagram account to hear more of this beautiful language is smalgyax_learners. Follow them today!


Crazy Rich Asians

The Farewell

East of Eden

The Brain that Changes Itself

Story of Your Life and Others

Tower of Babylon

Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.


Author: heatherpuri

I am a Tsimshian woman. I am a mom. I am so many other identities but those are what resonate with my right now. I love listening to other people stories. I like sharing those stories and that is what I am doing with my podcast and blog Mixed Identity.

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