Episode 7: Emma Braun

In this episode we discuss how Emma Braun has navigated being Native and White from San Diego to St. Louis. She tells us about her family planning activism and how she is actively inviting people to the table.

Learn more:

Burke Museum

Bill of Rights for Racially Mixed People By Maria P.P. Root

Maria P. P. Root, PhD, is author of “The Multiracial Experience: Racial Borders as the New Frontier” which you can purchase through Interracial Voice and Amazon.com

Gateway Women’s Access Fund

GWAF have changed its name to the Missouri Abortion Fund.

Andre Henry

Catch and Kill – Rowan Farrow


Author: heatherpuri

I am a Tsimshian woman. I am a mom. I am so many other identities but those are what resonate with my right now. I love listening to other people stories. I like sharing those stories and that is what I am doing with my podcast and blog Mixed Identity.

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