Episode 5: Tim Norris

Episode 5 features Tim Norris (pronouns: he/him) who shares many parts of his identity; Japanese-American, white, gay, cis-gendered, first-gen high school grad, and more.

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Rainbow City Band Concert: Let It Shine – November 9th

My Seattle listeners, get your tickets today to RBC’s first concert of the season. Tim our guest is artistic director of this great ensemble.

Click here for more information

From RCB’s website:

With, “music ranging from Broadway musicals to renowned band literature, including Eliot Del Borgo’s moving setting of Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night. This will be a musical exploration of the depths of darkness with music such as Washington composer Alex Shapiro’s Lights Out and the exuberant joy of light with Frank Ticheli’s Sun Dance. This evening will also debut the RCPA Singers with a performance of John Rutter’s The Gift of Each Day.”

No Small Thing – Podcast: Enneagram

Every fifth episode of No Small Thing is an Enneagram episode. Above is their first one, where they talk about Type 5s. Co-host Scott Gronholz is a 5. Check it out.

I started listening to this podcast because Macie is one of the teachers at my son’s school and she seems super interesting and cool. She is. I was just chatting with her that listening to her podcast gives me this strange sense of intimacy with her, since I get to learn more about her with every episode I listen to. But I don’t know her at all. Scott took some getting use to for me but he has grown on me. I love listening to this while I am gardening, cooking or cleaning.

By the way, I now think I am a Type 8. Do not take a test. I read you should listen to other’s stories and research on your own to find your number. What this has done for me more than anything else is open my mind that not everyone thinks like me. In a lot of ways it has saved my marriage. I can communicate what I am feeling better and being more understanding of choices i would not make.

Public WorksSeattle Rep

Tim just started as a teaching artist for this amazing audience program at Seattle Rep. He is finding his joy in his roots of musical theater and as a teacher. As he says on the podcast, He is a teacher first.

Image from City Arts 2017 article on Seattle Rep’s Public Works program

From the Public Works Website:

Theatre Of, By and For the People


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